I was introduced to the idea of becoming a photographer while I was in High School by a friend, Steve Podraza. Steve used a 35mm camera, and I had the benefit of a job so I bought a camera and started taking pictures. My High School yearbook advisor, Mrs. Mease saw my work and told me that I had potential. She offered to teach me for my elective class her college photo course. I owe allot to her patience and mentoring.

After school, I worked for a company called School Pictures Inc. Besides school portraits, School Pictures would send me out to shoot 20 rolls of B&W film in a day of candid pictures to seed each schools yearbook committee. I did this all over the state of Florida. My current photographic focus is on Large Format Photography. I re-discovered Large Format on a trip through South Florida when I happened upon Clyde Butcher’s Studio in the Everglades.

After I got married, I realized it was unlikely I’d be able to support my wife, and soon to be children as a photographer so I went into financial planning… I still shoot whenever I can…

George Goodroe

St. Petersburg, Florida USA